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Ultios ~broken
National Dex:  ???
Evolves From: Mewtwo
Evolves Into: Ultios ~perfect
Generation: V
Pronunciation: Ull-tee-ohs
Base Stats
HP: 230
Attack: 80/30 up to 20 Times
Defense:  ???
Special Atk: 50-150
Special Def:  ???
Speed: 120
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Biological Details
Species: Genetic Pokemon
Type(s): Psychic
Height: 6'10
Weight: 259 Lbs.
  • Shadow Cloak. Turns invisible for a short amount of time. Only shadow's outline and footsteps are noticeable.
Pokédex Color: No Shiny Version, PURPLE in Pokedex.
Gender: Genderless

Ultios is a self-induced, forced evolution of Mewtwo. Broken form is the initial result of the forced evolution, with far higher power output than its previous form but little control of said power. In this form, Ultios constantly leaks its immense power into its surroundings. Unable to contain its own psychic power, the stress of its constant use weakens Ultios' mind, rendering it virtually insane. Like a berserker, Ultios will destroy massive areas in its rampage, without any acknowledgement of its own actions. In its destructive fits, it is attempting to drain itself of power, thus letting its mind rest and stopping the pain. Unfortunately, there is virtually no limit to the power this beast wields. In reality, broken form is a unique occurence, where the growth in power of the pokemon during evolution causes the evolution to slow down halfway through the process. While the body appears not to change any further in this stage, the process is actually still quite active. Once the evolution finally reaches a point of "maturity", Ultios will shift into its "perfect" form, a pokemon truly of unfathomable power.

Status DataEdit

  • The Overload Pokemon
  • Physic/Dark Type
  • Height: 6'10
  • Weight: 259 Lbs.
  • Known Attacks:

Shadow Wave: Ultios sends a wave of dark energy towards the opponent. This attack does 150 (power) damage.

Shadow Ball: Ultios hurls a shadowy blob at the foe. It may also lower the foe's Sp. Def stat. Does 80 (power) damage.

OMEGA Darkness: An experimental attack, it was known as one of the first human made attacks. It utilizes the power of darkness into a form of energy that engulfs the opponent, trapping them, where at they're every move dealing 30 (power) damage.

Attack 239 This attack deals 50-150 (power) damage, engulfing the opponent in an varying (upon opponent's weakness) type. This move was the second attack created by man.
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