RULEBOOK Like any other wiki, Pokemon Fanon has ten rules that all users must follow. These rules are listed below.


1. No profanity. Pokemon isn't M rated.

2. Characters must not have ridiculous powers.

3. Page must not be ridiculous.

4. Inappropriate behavior, such as swearing and attacking to another users, is not allowed and may result in a ban.

5. Curse words must be censored with symbols such as, !@#$%^*(/).

6. Vandalism is not allowed, and vandals will be banned without prior warnings.

7. Do not ridicule or make fun of people for their writing abilities or lack thereof. Also, do not make fun of people for story lines and characters.

8. Do not make articles that are not related to Pokemon in some way without permission from an administrator.

9. Do not write on people's articles or change them without permission, unless it's something small, like spelling or grammar mistakes. If you want to comment on the article either do it on the discussion page or the user's page.

10. Remember to sign your talk page messages with four tildes (~~~~) or for more experienced users, a signature.