Spectreon is a ghost type evolution of Eevee.


Spectreon's name comes from the word Specter for ghost, and the suffix ¨Eon¨ that is after every eeveelutions name.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Spectreon, slightly resembles an Espeon with the same basic shape, but with smoke like tendrils (Similar to gastly's Gas) that come from it's head, legs, and tail, similarly to how Rapidash's fire spews from it's body.


Spectreon evolves from Eevee, when you use a Dusk Tendril on a Eevee.

Pokédex entriesEdit

Dark: Spectreon can turn to gas at will, and melt into the air.

Light: Spectreon's body can mwlt into the air and fly away.


Spectreon can learn Defog, and Vaporize.

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