Riolu X-67 is a forbidden experiment made by a Scientist thought to have dissaperred years ago.

The scientist name was Proffesor laro. he was litterally illegally altering pokemon so they would be his servants

Riolu X-67 was his only known experiment to of been completed as the rest were just split personalites between themselves and there control

RIOLU-X67 was created before all the protagonist were even born meaning that RIOLU-X67 is the oldest pokemon next to arceus.

Riolu-x67 was just a small young riolu intil he was taken by proffesor laro and expereminted on mentally and pysicly Riolu-x67 is born with the soul purpose of obeying his master he is also designed so he cannot be caught by a pokeball.

he Hunts down ash and other protagonist each and every new season meaning he knows they are a threat as he obeserves them all and trys to take there pokemon for more X servants for proffesor lavos he is somehow uniffected by pain and is unaware of what anyone says except in one time ash litterally got angry at him for stealing pikachu.

but after multiple blast from ashes allies from each and every season he litterally flashed into this form
Riolu X-5285


His prime conciousness is still a small bit free but showed small times he usually responds to someones angry and battle emotions but just smirks

and blast them with a modified version of an aura sphere.