Pokemon Light Version is a Pokemon game for the Nintendo DS and it introduces even better graphics than Pokemon White and Pokemon Black and character customization. You can customize what your trainer looks like.


The story of the game is you are a student at a boarding school where they teach kids how to raise and train pokemon called West Pokemon Academy. One day you are supposed to meet up with Principal Ketchum (who could possibly be an older Ash Ketchum). Principal Ketchum is a retired Gym leader and had once been a trainer in his youth. He will give you a pokemon but you have to choose between Sunny Shine the fire pokemon, Aqua Aqua the water pokemon, and X-Tron the robot pokemon. It is almost summer time and the character of the game like most characters in all the versions wants to be a Pokemon trainer and challenge all Gym leaders. So he goes on a Pokemon Adventure. Once you leave West Pokemon Academy you will end up in Boxwood Town a rural town in the country that has a Pokemon center, a Pokemon Mart, a few houses, and a Pokemon Gym. There was a route that lead to Boxwood Town where you might've encountered Pokemon and leveled up so you go to the pokemon gym and after defeating many trainers you fight the Gym leader Sarah who uses grass type pokemon. After defeating her you will head to the route to Poison Ivy City. Once in Poison Ivy city you will encounter some Team Rocket grunts and they challenge you to a battle. Once you defeat them if your pokemon is at a high level it will evolve. In Poison Ivy city the gym leader Chrisis uses fire pokemon. more to be added