Pokemon: Around the World is a fanfiction series made by Christinahorst.2018. 2 new characters are in this series, and they are Katrina Soliney and James Keller. May appears, also. Katrina, May and James go around the world to catch a bunch of Pokemon.


Katrina Soliney [1] [2][3][4][5][6]

Katrina Soliney

Katrina is the main character and one of the female protongnagists in the series. She is best friends with May, and has a crush on James. Her goals are to travel around the world to enter contests, win 20 battles, and catch 16 Fire, Water, Grass or Ground type Pokemon.

May Norm [7] [8][9][10][11]

May is another female protongnagist in the series and a new best friend of Katrina. May went with Katrina and James around the world so she can enter Pokemon contests, too.

James Keller [12] [13][14]

James is a male protongnagist in the series. Katrina claims a crush

on him in Know No Battles in the City of Love!but James doesn't know, while he is affectionate towards May. James went with Katrina and May around the world because he wanted to follow May around.


Season 1Edit

Theme Song: Travel 'Round the World (Pokemon are Around the Globe)

  1. Time to Take the Trip!
  2. Know No Battles in the City of Love!
  3. Save China from Galactic!
  4. Hatching in California!
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