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"Bring back the time!!! Welcome to Tohjo, a large region home to new Pokemon, beautiful cities, and masterful trainers! Begin your journey as a trainer, and venture across Tohjo, and witness all the exciting wonders and maybe even dangers that await you! So get ready, grab your gear, and GO!!!"
—The box description for Pokemon Arctic and Desert Version.
A PokemonArcticVersion

'Pokemon: duck'Version, is the first game of Generation V ever released, aside from its counterpart, Desert version. The game was released for all units of Nintendo DS, and a special Generation III graphics edition for the Game Boy Advance SP was released exclusively to Gamestop. Pokemon Arctic version focuses around Brian or Cynthia (the basic name of the player character), an eleven year old boy/girl who just moved to Junnin Town. The character sets off across the Tohjo Region, catching Pokemon, battling the Elite Four, and eventually catching the legendary Arcadia. Arcadice is the ice Pokemon, and is changing the weather to drastically cold, all across Tohjo. The plot is slightly different in Desert version, where the weather becomes drastically hot. This makes for slightly different sprites, and minor location changes. The sprites of characters in Arctic changes to long sleeves, coats, mittens, etc. Overall, the Arctic Version focuses on the legendary Pokemon Arcadice, the winter, and saving the region from a total freeze.