I am still working on this page,there may be a lot of blanks and not to many picture for now Pokémon Create Version is a Nintendo DS/DSi Game.

Choose Your CharacterEdit

A feature in this game is you can choose from 3 characters(6 characters in all,3 for girls,3 for boys)depending on your gender.You will get a different storyline depending on the character you picked(though there will be prof.Ginka in all of he storylines).


Brie's StorylineEdit

the game will begin with you're mother telling you to meet Professor Ginka in her Lab with your two friends Jasmine and Bradly.Jasmine then shows up wondering where Bradly is,and Bradly jumps out at you.The three of you go off the Prof.Ginka's lab.You will get to choose a pokemon here.

Crystal's StorylineEdit

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Skylar's StorylineEdit

Charlie's Storyline

Jake's StorylineEdit

Austin's StorylineEdit