Pokémon Chronicles is a fan-fiction written by RedYoshi (Talk). The plot of this story is about a boy, the main protagonist, named Brendan Rubyous & his adventures in the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh (and possibly Isshu) regions. During his big adventure, Brendan will meet many Pokémon Trainers good & evil, befriend extraordinary Pokémon, and face struggles & victories as a Trainer as he aims to be a Pokémon Master.


It is undecided if there will be a fifth season to this series.

Season 1 (Kanto)

Opeining Theme: Pokémon Adventure

  1. On to the Kanto Region!
  2. A Trainer's First Pokémon!

Season 2 (Hoenn)

Opeining Theme: Back At Home

Season 3 (Sinnoh)

Opeining Theme: We Will Carry On (Sinnoh League Victors)

Season 4 (Johto)

Opeining Theme: Pokémon Johto

Main Characters

Brendan Rubyous

Brendan Rubyous is the main protagonist in the series. He used to live in the Hoenn region of Pokémon, but he went to Slateport City and took a ship to the Kanto region, where he would begin his Pokémon journey. His hometown is Littleroot Town, Hoenn.

May Sapphira

May Sapphira is a female protagonist in the series. Like her best friend, Brendan, she used to live in Littleroot Town, Hoenn. Her father, Professor Birch, sent her to Cinnabar Island, Kanto, to meet up with Brendan. She is now traveling through Kanto with Brendan.