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A Poiseon
National Dex: 556
Evolves From: Eevee
Evolves Into: Does not Evolve.
Generation: V
Pronunciation: Po(y)s-E-on
Base Stats
HP: 80
Special Atk:
Special Def:
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Biological Details
Species: Poison Pokemon
Type(s): Poison
Height: 3'03 Feet
Weight: 56.2 Lbs.
  • Poison Immunity: Cannot be effected by a Poison Type attack, and being poisoned doubles stats.
Pokédex Color: Different Tone of Color when Shiny, hardly noticeable, and GREEN in Pokedex.
Gender: **87.5% Male
  • 12.5% Female

Poiseon is a missed Eeveelution. It's name is a portmanteau on the word Poison, and the Eon suffix added at the end of every Eeveelution. Poiseon is a strange evolution, and can only be evolved during Dusk, when poisoned, and holding a Wepear Berry. The exposure into the Wepear Berry, plus the light, spreads the Poison from Eevee's body, and into the berry. The berry then dissipates into the Eevee's skin, and Eevee evolves into Poiseon. Poiseon has the special ability: Poison Immunity, where Poison attacks do no harm, and being poisoned, raises Poiseon's stats. Poiseon is the tallest of the Eeveelutions, holding it's place with Vaporeon, Leafeon, and Umbreon.

Status DataEdit

acid armor: the user melts there adoms to block attacks by having the attacks go through the user

poison tail: the user covers it's tail with fatal poison

poison fang: the user


acid blast

gunk shot


poison sting

eon of poison: the user (always poiseon) sends a gigantic wave of poison at the enemy

sludge bomb

poison gas: the user blows thick poisonis gas from there mouth at the enemy

gastro acid: the user covers the enemy in acid and gets rid of there ability or the user covers there self and gets rid of any status disorder

toxic spikes: the user shoots out spikes made from pure poison hoping the enemy will step on them

lick: the user licks the enemy with a tong covered in paralyzing saliva

mercury balls: the user makes toxic balls of mercury from the iron and toxins in it's body and throws them at the enemy