Noxieon The Poison Eeveelution by Fox warrior128


Meaning: Noxious+ eon= Noxieon

Type: Poison Species: Deadly poison pokemon

Ability: Poison Point

Height: 3’7’’ Weight: 59.8 lbs.

Pokedex entry: NOXIEON has been multiple suspects of deaths from poison; though NOXIEON’S are dangerous they are very loyal to their trainers and make a powerful and dangerous partner.

Noxieon’s have been known to be extremely dangerous pokemon. Even though it’s dangerous, it has a very kind nature and is loyal to it’s trainer-never attacking the trainer no matter what. Because of it’s extreme loyalty and love to it’s trainer it’s very deadly in battle, especially if it’s to protect their trainer. Noxieon’s are both strong fighting pokemon and amazing contest pokemon, too. It can make breathtaking combos and stunts- almost like it wants to have others be proud of it.

In the wild; they are different. They are very violent and dangerous. Because of this, it makes females great mothers. In battle it would stop at nothing to faint and sometimes kill the opponent. They are also somewhat dangerous to humans; sometimes they will try to have them rub their backs only to have the human get pinched/stabbed by their poisonous needle like spikes.