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National Dex:  ???
Evolves From: Eevee ♂
Evolves Into: Does not evolve
Generation: VI (6)
Pronunciation: MUH - dee - onn
Base Stats
HP: •••
Attack: ••
Defense: ••
Special Atk: ••••
Special Def: •••
Speed: ••
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Biological Details
Species: Wet Sand Pokemon
Type(s): Ground
Height: 3'03"
Weight: 52.1 lbs.
  • Dry Sand: Weakens the power of Water-type moves.
Pokédex Color: TAN
Gender: 100% ♂

The Wet Sand Pokemon. Muddeon is a Generation VI Pokemon that evolves from a male Eevee holding a Sandy Feather during the daytime. The Sandy Feather is a hold item that boosts the Attack and Sp. Attck stats when held by Eevee.

Muddeon is a unique Pokemon that has a special ability called Dry Sand. Dry Sand weakens the power of Water-type moves. This ability makes Muddeon more resistant to supereffective Water moves than other Ground-type Pokemon of its kind. Muddeon collects sand and dust particles to become stronger. When in danger, the dust and sand blow around Muddeon to serve as some kind of shield. This is actually Muddeon's signature move called Dust Stream. Dust Stream not only does moderate damage to the foe, but it also raises the user's Defense and Sp. Def stats by 2.


  • Tail Whip,
  • Tackle,
  • Helping Hand,
  • Sand-Attack,
  • Mud Shot,
  • Quick Attack,
  • Dust Stream,
  • Mud Bomb,
  • Mud Slide,
  • Last Resort,
  • Reversal,
  • Sandstorm,
  • Earthquake,
  • Acid Armor