The Janno Region is the region which the Generation VI Pokemon live. This region is mostly a group of islands. These islands make a circle around a bigger island, where the Janno Pokemon League (or just the Janno League) is. It is very close to the Kanto and Johto Regions. As a result, many Generation I and Generation II Pokemon live in Tohjoh. In Tonto Mountain, a gigantic hill that is located in between Janno, Kanto, and Johto, has a train station at its peak that lets the player travel to other regions like Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Isshu. The player must have at least 4 Gym Badges from a region to explore a new one.


The islands surrounding the Janno League all have names: Brik, Cilsa, Erosa, Zanno, Minga, Minno & Mimma (two twin islands), and Corg (pronounced: COARJ). Each island has a towen or city in it. (The Zanno Island has two towns in it.)

Lugia was once spotted in Janno during a deep-sea exploration. Many experts around the Pokemon world believe that Lugia was spotted in the region because the Whirl Islands are located near Minga Island.

Cities and TownsEdit


Native PokemonEdit

There is lots and lots of water in Janno. Because of this, there are not very many Fire-type Pokemon found there. There have also been few reports of Dragon-type findings in Janno. Many Water-types are seen throughout the region.

Starter PokemonEdit

In the games Pokemon Moonlight & Sunlight, Professor Maple gives your c haracter one of her Pokemon she calls "Starter Pokemon." She tells you that these Pokemon are very, very rare and can only be found in Janno. Shge gives you a choice of having:

Florezt, the Grass-type Reptile Pokemon,

Coalchurn, the Fire-type Coal Pokemon,

or Skaterott, the Water-type Water Skater Pokemon.