This Nosepass belongs to Hugh a galactic grunt.It first appears in DP139 where it and it's trainer tries to prevent lucas from stopping Mars. However it fails although it did manage to paralyze Lucas's staraptor with a Thunderpunch it fell to a steel wing from staraptor.In DP142 it appears again showing off the moves Ice Punch Zap Cannon and Discharge however it fell once again to Staraptor's steel wing

Known Moves

Thunderpunch-Electricty crackles around nosepass's hands it then punches the opponent-First used-DP139

Ice Punch-Nosepass's hand is surrounded by ice it then punches it's opponent-First used-DP139

Zap Cannon-Nosepass's nose glows yellow and an electric blast is fired from it-First used-DP142

Discharge-Nosepass fires an electric bolt from it's body at it's opponent