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A GaliWhateva
National Dex:  ???
Evolves From: Hybrid of Empoleon and Gallade.
Evolves Into:
Generation: VI
Pronunciation: Gl-ad-E-on
Base Stats
HP: 130
Special Atk:
Special Def:
Speed: 90
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Biological Details
Species: BladeEmperor Pokemon
Type(s): Water Steel Psychic Fighting
Height: 6'5 Feet
Weight: 158 Lbs.
  • Steadfast: Steadfast increases the user's Speed stat by 1.5× when flinched.
  • Torrent: When a Water-type move is used, it will do 150% of its damage if the Pokémon using it is below 33% of its HP.
  • Pressure: Pressure doubles the foe's PP usage for every successful hit. This ability works even if the Pokémon is immune to the attack's type.
  • Emperor's Edge: Exerts sharp energy to every point on it's body. Making for a hard and sharp barrier to punch through on fighting and some normal types.
Pokédex Color: Gold and White Shiny Version
Gender: Always Male

Gladeon is a fusion/Hybrid of Gallade and Empoleon. It was created by Cyrus using the Splicer in the HYBRID Program. It was the first Pokemon to be created again, and it's clone was Shiny. The only difference was that it's shiny clone had a mishap. The Empoleon the DNA was taken from, contained the virus, Pokerus. The effects grew in the Slicer, and were permanent on the Gladeon. This somehow gave the Gladeon Shiny Coloring, and was, like a Pokemon with the effects of Pokerus, more powerful in many ways. The Gladeon had a slight aura around it, and was convinced on doing only good. When Eric Silver infiltrated the HYBRID Headquarters, and freed every Pokemon and Hybrid there, Eric captured the special Gladeon, along with a few others, that were stubborn, and would not go. The Shiny Gladeon would only not go because it felt the need to protect its brethren.

Status DataEdit

  • BladeEmperor Pokemon
  • Water/Steel/Fighting/Psychic
  • Height: 6'4
  • Weight: 158 Lbs.
  • Known Attacks:

Razor Arm: The foe is hit by a large slice from the user (always Gladeon's) arm. Damage (Power): 85.

Riptide: Jumps at the foe, summons a small wave, and crushes them, then whacking them with the user's powerful arm. Damage (Power): 90.

Silver Streak: Combines the energy of a Psychic attack, adds water on top of it, and then forms a steel shell around it. The streak is then released by Gladeon at a speed of 100 Mph., usually crushing them upon the powerful impact. Damage (Power): 100.

Cannon Punch: The user, always Gladeon, surrounds its body in water and Psychic Energy, and jets it self twoards the opponent, and then punches the opponent up to 7 times. It may also make the opponent flinch. Damage (Power): 30 per hit.