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National Dex:  ???
Evolves From: Mewtwo clone infected by Deoxys
Evolves Into:
Generation: V
Pronunciation: Dee-ox-two
Base Stats
Special Atk:
Special Def:
Speed: 0
Total: {{{total}}}
Biological Details
Species: Genetic/DNA Pokemon
Type(s): Psychic
Height: 6'7 Feet
Weight: 270 Lbs.
Pokédex Color: Green,Orange
Gender: Genderless

I'd just like to preface this by saying that I in no way have any interest in actually writing about or even creating a new Pokemon. I mean, i've given no stats except speed (Zero, which is both impossible and would make my pokemon terrible), and it's named DeoxTwo. Instead, i'll just give a list of attacks. I could've just Copy-Pasted them from dexes, but instead i made up my own versions of them, while also making up moves that don't sound like Pokemon moves at all, and also sound stupid.

You know what? Fuck this. I'm deleting all of this crap. Moderators, if you see this, ask yourself:Did I really do anything wrong? Hell, at this point, I'm putting more effort in than he was.