DP: Sinnoh Stars is a Pokemon fan-fic created by RedYoshi. It takes place in the Sinnoh Region. Please do not edit except for spelling errors and grammar mistakes. This story will have few story elements from the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Version games and Platinum Version game.


Lucas Diamondson


Lucas is the main character and one of the male protagonists of the series. His hometown is Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh. He is now a Pokemon Trainer. He is very best friends and rival with Barry. Lucas got his Sinnoh starter, a Turtwig, from Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town. After he got Turtwig, he also obatined a Chimchar. He is now on a journey in Sinnoh. Later in the strory, Lucas gets in conflicts with the evil gang known as Team Galactic.

Dawn Pearlton



Dawn is one of the female protagonists in this series. She lived in Sandgem Town before becoming an assistant of Professor Rowan's as well as a Pokemon Contest Coordinator. Before helping the professor, she received a Piplup as her Sinnoh starter. When Dawn and Lucas meet on their journeys, they like to have what they call "training battles". Dawn is also known to run into Team Galactic.

Barry Platinumus


Barry is a male protagonist in the series. He is Lucas's best friend as well as one of his rivals. Barry is hyperactive and friendly. He doesn't know what "bonding with your Pokemon" means yet. He chose Piplup for his starter anyhow. Barry loves to battle Lucas, but somehow he loses to him a lot. He is always one step ahead of Lucas in their journeys, being able to get a Gym Badge before Lucas does.



Looker is one of the main minor characters in the series. Not much is known about him.

Blue Violet


Blue is another male protagonist in the series. He is Lucas's main rival. The two also have some sort of vague friendship. Not much is known about him.

Professor Rowan


Professor Rowan gave Lucas, Dawn, and Barry their First Pokemon. At first, he disliked Lucas and Barry, but after the two proved they could hanbdle Pokemon, he became much more friendly with them. He had Turtwig and Piplup as his own, but he let Lucas and Barry each have one of them Rowan was left with a Chimchar. This Pokemon Professor specialized in Pokemon evolution. He can be strict and mean at times, but when he's not he is very nice.

Gym LeadersEdit


Elite Four & ChampionEdit


New episoded will be aired every Sunday.

Season 1Edit

Opening Theme Song: Forming Paths (Sinnoh Advenrure)

  1. Season Premiere: Twin Leaves, Part 1!
  2. Twin Leaves, Part 2!
  3. Gettin' School'd!
  4. Pokevolution!
  5. As Good As Oreburgh Mine!
  6. Rock-'n'-Rolling Gym Leader!
  7. The Galactic Team!
  8. The Ravging Path!
  9. Right On, Ride On, Rhydon!

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