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National Dex: 577
Evolves From: Scizor
Evolves Into: Does not Evolve
Generation: V
Pronunciation: Clay-mor(e), name is misspelling of Claymore, sword, referring to the Great Sword on a Claemor's Arm.
Base Stats
HP: 135-170
Attack: 50/60/70
Defense: None, shield only protects.
Special Atk: 100
Special Def: Sends the opponent flying in the other direction upon a whack from the shield, not a true attack, but does 40 Damage.
Speed: 149
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Biological Details
Species: Great Sword Pokemon
Type(s): Bug Steel
Height: 6'0-6'2
Weight: 350 Lbs.
  • Thunder Coat (Allows to use unique Electric Type Attacks)
Pokédex Color: 80% Normal/20% Shiny, RED in Pokedex.
Gender: *50% Male/
  • 50% Female

Claemor is the evolution of Scizor. Scizor evolves when traded while holding bronze armor. The left claw of Claemor has been sealed, and is used as a makeshift shield, whereas the right claw has regained a blade-like form, similar to that of Scyther's. This claw is longer than that of Scyther's, and is used as a sword. While this species of Pokemon is very aggressive to those it doesn't trust, it is very chivalric, and honor is one of its main goals.

Status DataEdit

  • Great Sword Pokemon
  • Bug/Steel Type
  • Height: 6'0 - 6'2
  • Weight: 350 Lbs.
  • Known Attacks:

Thunder Blade: Uses electricity gathered when it walks and flies, and transfers it to it's blade, making for a powerful swipe of its blade. Power: 50 on all types but Ground.

Steel Wing: Steel Wing inflicts 70 (power) damage and has a 10% chance of raising the user's Defense.

Silver Wind: Deals 60 (power) damage, and blows away opponent.

Titanium Tackle: Deals 100 (power) damage, using speed, while flapping wings, flying at opponent at speeds of up to 500 mph, throwing the opponent even miles away upon impact. Usual instant KO.