Blade Ali is a Pokemon Trainer from Janno.He was born in a jungle.He has faith in all of his Pokemon.

== Blade's Pokemon==

Blade's Jungler:Blade's Starter.He used it in all of his Battles.He spent 12 comics as Florezt,& 10 comics as Grovill.Moves:Razor Leaf,Bulk Up,Energy Ball,& Mach Punch.

Blade's Raveknight:Blade's Main & 1st Pokemon.He spent 3 comics as Ninjahawk.Moves:Ninja Blade,Peck,Focus Punch,& Blade.

Blade's Fertilgatr:Main Transport on water.Moves:Water gun,Whirlpool,Metal Claw,Aqua Tail.

Blade's Polarus:Blade's Adoptitive Mother.Moves:Light Screen,Blizzard,Ice Punch,& Ice Beam.

Blade's Torterra:Caught after causing truoble.Moves:Leaf Storm,Energy Ball,Earthquake.

Blade's Pigeot:Mmm...

== ==