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A Abreall
National Dex: None.
Evolves From: Hybrid of Absol and Umbreon.
Evolves Into: Does not Evolve
Generation: V
Pronunciation: Ab-re(e)-all
Base Stats
HP: 120
Special Atk:
Special Def:
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Biological Details
Species: MoonlightDisaster Pokemon
Type(s): Dark
Height: 4'5 (Standing)
Weight: 110 Lbs
  • Sync. Luck
Pokédex Color: BLACK In Pokedex
Gender: Male, always.

Abreall is the first Pokemon made by the Slicer, in the HYBRID Program. Abreall was made combining 30% Absol DNA, and 70% Umbreon DNA. The evolution began. "Immediately, a white silhouette, similar to that of when a Pokemon Evolves. It took the shape of an Umbreon. But then something happened. I saw white cuffs form at the Umbreon's heels. A sharp looking horn was drove out of it's head. Then, it's tail started changing. Absol. It was of Absol's tail. Sharp, but sleek. And then he silhouette faded. It was a mix between Absol and Umbreon. I looked at Cyrus, and he said, "Abreall. It is Abreall." It was beautiful. An awe-rocking mix of Umbreon and Absol. I couldn't believe my eyes. Then Cyrus forced me to leave. I never saw Abreall again."- Cyrus' assistant described Abreall, as a beautiful and sleek appearance.

Status DataEdit

  • MoonlightDisaster Pokemon
  • Dark Type
  • Height: 4'5
  • Weight: 110 Lbs.
  • Known Attacks:

Shadow Ball: The user hurls a shadowy blob at the foe. It may also lower the foe's Sp. Def stat. Damage (Power): 80

Dark Pulse The user releases a horrible aura imbued with dark thoughts. It may also make the target flinch. Damage (Power): 60

Night Slash: The user slashes the foe the instant an opportunity arises. It has a high critical-hit ratio. Damage (Power): 70

Psycho Cut The user tears at the foe with blades formed by psychic power. It has a high critical-hit ratio. Damage (Power): 70