Wanda Ryan
Age 10
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Dirty blonde
Hometown Lumiose City
Region Kalos
Relatives Amber Ryan (mother)
Clemont (father)
Faith Ryan (twin sister)
Darrel Ryan (older brother)
Bonnie (aunt)
Trainer class Trainer
Pokémon Coordinator
Generation Unknown
Games Unknown
Leader of Unknown
Badge Unknown
Elite Trainer of Unknown
Champion of Unknown
Specialty No Preference
Brain of Unknown
Symbol Unknown
Member of None
Rank None

Wanda Ryan is a Pokémon Coordinator from Lumiose City in Kalos and one of the four main characters in Pokémon ElectricYellow. She is Clemont's daughter, and also has an older brother Darrel and a twin sister Faith, who she travels with.




Wanda is a young girl with dirty blonde hair that she keeps in a ponytail, and blue eyes.

She usually wears a yellow leather jacket, pink T-shirt with a satin bow on it, and deep blue jeans. She also wears high brown boots and huge backpack where she always keeps her notebook with a Mega Ring for Absol. The other Mega Ring for Slowbro is in her pendant. She also has a Z-Ring with Aloraichium Z, which is on her right wrist.


Wanda likes riding a bike, and she always travels on a bike.


On Hand

[[File:|190px|link=Wanda's Raichu]]
Egg → Pichu → Pikachu → Raichu
[[File:|190px|link=Wanda's Slowbro]]
Slowpoke → Slowbro ↔ Mega Slowbro
[[File:|190px|link=Wanda's Absol]]
Absol ↔ Mega Absol
[[File:|190px|link=Wanda's Flareon]]
Eevee → Flareon
[[File:|190px|link=Wanda's Reuniclus]]
Solosis → Duosion → Reuniclus
[[File:|190px|link=Wanda's Xerneas]]

In storage

[[File:|190px|link=Wanda's Samurott]]
Oshawott → Dewott → Samurott
[[File:|190px|link=Wanda's Litwick]]

Given away

[[File:|190px|link=Darrel's Eelektross]]

Traded away

[[File:|190px|link=Martin's Alakazam]]
Kadabra → Alakazam

At Legendary Valley

[[File:|190px|link=Wanda's Articuno]]
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