Age 20 1/2
Gender Female
Eye color Grey
Hair color Dark brown
Hometown Nowtoch City
Region West Tandor
Relatives Unknown
Trainer class Gym Leader
Generation Unknown
Games Unknown
Leader of Nowtoch City Gym
Badge Normal Badge
Elite Trainer of Unknown
Champion of Unknown
Specialty Normal-types
Brain of Unknown
Symbol Unknown
Member of None
Rank None

Maria is a character appearing in Pokémon Stories: Tandor Arc. She is a Gym Leader of Nowtoch City Gym and a former Tandor Champion. She gives the Normal Badge to trainers who defeat her.





On hand

Pokémon Information
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Maria used Owten as first Pokémon on her Gym battle with Astoria. He was almost victorious, but Astoria's Birbie managed to defeat him with Quick Attack.
Owten → Eshouten
Pokémon Information
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Her known moves are Sleep Talk, Earthquake, Slack Off and Crush Claw, and her ability is Lazy.
Felunge → Feliger
Pokémon Information
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Pokémon Information
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Pokémon Information
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Pokémon Information
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Kiricorn is Maria's strongest Pokémon. It's known moves are Earthquake, Monnblast and Flamethrower, and it's ability is Magic Bounce.
Kiricorn ↔ Mega Kiricorn
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