Age 15
Gender Female
Eye color Green
Hair color Carrot red
Hometown New York
Region USA
Relatives Unnamed mother and father
Reyna (cousin)
Trainer class Trainer
Generation Unknown
Games Unknown
Leader of Unknown
Badge Unknown
Elite Trainer of Unknown
Champion of Unknown
Specialty No Preference
Brain of Unknown
Symbol Unknown
Member of None
Rank None

Kennedy is the main character in The Kalos Story!. She is a girl from New York who likes Pokémon anime, and somehow she becomes the part of beloved cartoon with her friend Tomas and cousin Reyna. Now she's a Pokémon Trainer, who collects badges to participate in Kalos Pokémon League.



Kennedy is a skinny, 15 year-old girl. She has green eyes, spectacular red hair and freckled face.


Kennedy is a girl full of action. She never stops until she all her energy fades away.


Ash Ketchum

Kennedy and Ash share a rivalry, and at the same time huge friendship and bond between them. She really looks up to him as a Trainer, because he's her favourite character in the anime overall. Kennedy also shows her sympahty to Ash, with which she really annoys Serena, who also likes him.


Serena somewhat dislikes Kennedy because she spends much time with Ash. However, she never tried to steal Ash away from Serena, because she has a bigger chance than Kennedy.


Clemont is acting like a parent to Kennedy on the journey, because he's the oldest in the group after Reyna. She never disrespects him and helps whenever he needs her advice.


Despite Bonnie prefers Tomas over Kennedy, these two still like spending time with each other, laughing at jokes and at how Clemont is sometimes funny.


Reyna and Kennedy respect each other, but usually quarrel because Kennedy is really stubborn and hyperactive. Despite this, they share a siblings-like love and never try to get one of them into trouble.


Despite Tomas being homosexual, Kennedy still likes spending time with him because he is her best friend in class. They never quarrel and always help each other. In Pokémon world Kennedy protected Tomas from any harm.


On hand

Pokémon Information
Oliver Chesnaught
Chespin was the starter Pokémon which was found by Kennedy at the beginning of her journey in anime world. He became the great partner to his trainer.
Chespin → Quilladin → Chesnaught
Pokémon Information
Kennedy Aromatisse
Spritzee was the second Pokémon she caught in Kalos region.
Spritzee → Aromatisse
Pokémon Information
Wanda Reuniclus
Solosis was the third Pokémon she caught in Kalos region.
Solosis → Duosion → Reuniclus
Pokémon Information
Virgil Glaceon
Eevee was the fourth Pokémon she caught in Kalos region. He is also the only Kennedy's Pokémon to hatch from an egg.
Egg → Eevee → Glaceon
Pokémon Information
Amber Lucario
Riolu was the fifth Pokémon she caught in Kalos region. He is also Kennedy's first and only partner that is able to Mega Evolve.
Riolu → Lucario ↔ Mega Lucario
Pokémon Information
Kennedy Rapidash
Ponyta was the last Pokémon to be caught by her in the Kalos region. Kennedy usually used him as a mean of transportation.
Ponyta → Rapidash
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