(The sun was shining bright while Amber slept in her bed. She was having a dream about how she has become a Pokémon Master.)

Amber: (wakes up) Wow, today is a big day! I'm going to start my Pokémon jorney!

(Amber put up her clothes and then slides down the railing into the kitchen.)

Amber's Mother: (frowing her eyebrows) How many times I told not to slide down the railing! You can hurt yourself.

Amber: (annoyed) Sorry, mom. Okay, what's for breakfast today?

Amber's Mother: It's your favourite toasts with jam!

Amber: (cheerful screaming)

Amber's Mother: I knew that you would appreciate it, so I'm going to male you some for your journey too.

(Amber sat down at the table and fastly ate everything that her mother gave her.)

Amber's Mother: (impressed) So fast?

Amber: (with an exited face) I just can't wait for the moment I'll rush into Professor Oak's laborstory and pick my starter!

Amber's Mother: Have you already decided which Pokemon do you want to have?

Amber: Not yet, but I was thinking about to pick Squirtle. Charmander is good, but I suppose that Squirtle will be thw best choise for me.

Amber's Mother: It's all up to you, you know.

(Amber looksed at the clock and realized that it's time to go.)

Amber: Mom, I have to go.

(Amber picked up her rucksack and hugged her mother.)

Amber's Mother: Already? Then good luck, Amber!

(Amber run out, and the door quickly closed behind her. Rays of morning sun fell on Amber's face, and she smiled. She quickly reached Professor Oak's lab and went inside.)

Amber: Hello, is anybody there? Professor?

(A man suddenly appeared from the corner.)

Professor Oak: Amber, is that you?

Amber: (with relief) Professor, I was looking for you everywhere! Yes, you're right, my name's Amber.

Professor Oak: You came here to pick your first Pokemon, I suppose?

Amber: (nods)

Professor Oak: Good, follow me.

(Amber and professor rushed through labyrinth of corridors. Amber started to feel dizzy, so she didn't remember the way they were going.)

(Amber and professor came into a big white room with a round table. There were three Poke Balls on it. Professor led her to the table.)

Professor Oak: Have you already decided which Pokemon you wanna have? Remember, you're choosing a partner for your entire life, so you cannot turn it back.

Amber: I choose...Squirtle! (takes his Poke Ball and throw it up)

(Squirtle came out of his Poke Ball and landed into Amber's arms. He was rubbing her cheek with a smily look, and Amber started giggling.)

Professor Oak: I think you two will be a great team. Take this. (gives Amber a Pokedex) It's a Pokedex, the Pokemon encyclopedia. When you'll encounter a Pokemon, this device will automatically give you information.

Amber: Wow, cool thing. It's really useful, thank you.

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